Notice to Occupants of Commerce Campus

The KIPP Academy, located at 4343 West Commerce Street, occupies a former commercial building that KIPP San Antonio, Inc., a Texas nonprofit corporation (“KIPP”), has extensively redeveloped to serve as the newest addition to its academic campus.

The original building was built over a former municipal solid waste landfill. Prior to KIPP purchasing this building, it was evaluated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) pursuant to its rules regulating construction of buildings over closed municipal solid waste landfills. The TCEQ’s rules are written to address construction requirements and testing requirements to ensure that methane is not an issue for these buildings. TCEQ issued a permit authorizing the past use of the building and the building operated for many years with that permit.

Because of the extensive upgrades to the building, KIPP applied for a new permit from the TCEQ and was awarded the permit. KIPP has undertaken extensive testing of the landfill and the air quality of the building and has confirmed that there are no issues at this location. KIPP has constructed its modifications to the building in accordance with the TCEQ requirements for construction and will monitor for methane gas as required by TCEQ rules and its permit. From a user’s perspective, the only thing you might notice is the presence of small methane monitors in selected rooms.