KTC Team

  • Antonio (Tony) Cerda – High School Advisor

  • Perla Salazar – College Advisor


    Perla Salazar serves as an Alumni Advisor for the KIPP Through College team supporting alumni attending 2-year colleges. Perla is a Houston Native that has lived here in San Antonio for 10 years. This will be her 6th year with KIPP San Antonio. Perla graduated with a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology. In her spare time Perla loves traveling to new places, watching Netflix, and trying new recipes.

  • Daniel Moon – College Counselor

  • Roy Feliciano – College Alumni Counselor


    Roy Feliciano serves as the college alumni advisor on the KIPP Through College (KTC) team, primarily supporting alumni at 4-year colleges and universities . Prior to becoming an advisor, Mr. Feliciano served at KIPP Aspire Academy in San Antonio for 11 years, three years as a Non-Fiction Studies teacher, three years as an Assistant School Leader and five years as School leader. Prior to coming to KIPP San Antonio, Roy served 11 years as a History teacher at the Episcopal Cathedral School in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  He is originally from both Brooklyn, New York, and Middletown, Connecticut.

  • Ruben Rodriguez – KTC Director


    Ruben Rodriguez serves as KIPP San Antonio’s KIPP Through College Director. Before joining KIPP San Antonio, Ruben worked with KIPP Houston’s KIPP Through College for two years. Previously, Ruben worked with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund for six years managing their national partnerships with college and universities in an effort to assist more First Generation students prepare and succeed in College. Ruben is married to Chris, and together they have four children. KIPP San Antonio provides Ruben an opportunity to continue his mission in helping students learn about college and have enough information and resources to be successful through college.

  • Stephanie Gonzalez – Program Manager


    Stephanie Gonzalez is a College Alumni Counselor with KIPP through College. This will be her 5th year with KIPP San Antonio Public Schools, and spent the last four years as a senior seminar teacher at KIPP University Prep. She is a San Antonio native and a first generation college graduate. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a BA in Psychology/Sociology. She served with the National College Advising Corp at Sam Houston High School for two years before coming to KIPP San Antonio. She graduated from UTSA with a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership in Higher Education Administration.

  • Lizeth Chavez – Junior Seminar Teacher


    Lizeth Chavez serves as the 11th grade college counselor and college prep teacher at KIPP University Prep High School. She was previously a middle school math teacher with KIPP Bay Area. Lizeth was born and raised in Northern California before moving to San Antonio this past summer. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Child and Adolescent Development with a prep for teaching from San Jose University.

  • Pete Vandermeer – Senior Seminar Teacher


    Pete Vandermeer serves as the senior college counselor and college prep teacher at KIPP University Prep High School. He was previously a Social Studies teacher at KIPP University Prep before joining the KIPP Through College team. Pete was born and raised in Michigan before moving to San Antonio in 2012 to become a teacher. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in History and Political Science from Central Michigan University.