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The Agassi Muscle Behind New KIPP Campus

Posted on octubre 6, 2016 // KIPP Aspire Academy, KIPP Esperanza, KIPP University Prep,

by Ken Rodriguez | The Rivard Report | October 6, 2016 | Photo by Scott Ball

On the green manicured grounds of the San Antonio Country Club, Andre Agassi wore black. Except for the white trim on his sneakers, Agassi’s pants, shirt and shoes were Johnny Cash black.

This is the preferred color of the Good Guy, a 9th grade dropout who became a Hall of Fame tennis player, then a philanthropist and investor pouring millions of dollars into building charter schools.

Agassi does not fund schools alone. He has an investment partner, Bobby Turner, a University of Pennsylvania graduate who describes himself as a “recovering philanthropist.” Since 2011, the Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund has built 69 charter schools, five are in development, for 35,000 children in some of the nation’s most economically-challenged neighborhoods.

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