Team and Family Profiles

Tray Ambus, 9th Grade Biology and Student Activites Coordinator at KIPP University Prep


Biology at Alabama A&M University


St. Louis, Missouri

Fun Fact:

I was born 21 hours before the 80s ended.

Years Teaching:


Q&A with Tray Ambus

What has been your most memorable moment at KIPP San Antonio?
My most memorable moment thus far was taking our students to Houston last year.  Planning and executing the trip with the 9th grade team was tedious, but worth it in the end.  The students had a great time visiting the colleges and enjoying the sites in Houston.

At work, how and what do you learn from those around you?
I spend a lot of time planning with my peers.  We trade ideas and pass along various strategies to one another across content areas.

My joy comes through…
Seeing kids achieve at different levels.  I love to watch my students learn from me and learn from each other, and have fun while they are doing it.