Team and Family Profiles

Liberty Heise, Assistant School Leader at KIPP Camino Academy


B.S. The Evergreen State College/ M. A. Temple University


Chewelah, Washington

Fun Fact:

I am a poet.

Years Teaching:

In the middle of my 7th year!

Q&A with Liberty Heise

What has been your most memorable moment at KIPP San Antonio?
The most memorable  moment at KIPP was when I met my 6th grade teaching team. They are a group of beautiful, talented, kind, hilarious people, and I have loved every day with them since!

To me, the commitment to help every student climb the mountain to and through college means…
I get to know them as the young adults that they are becoming. I look for their specific interests and celebrate their successes. Even though we are climbing a mountain, it is never alone. Getting to and through college is a lot of hard work, but it means you can take pride in yourself, your choices, and most importantly, pass on the power of success to those around you.

I maintain a healthy work/life balance by…
Choosing a near impossible running goal and working toward it all year! I don’t know if you call that work/life balance (or even healthy), but it works for me.