Team and Family Profiles

Carmen Curbelo, Assistant School Leader of Operations at KIPP Aspire Academy


BS in Sociology from St. Joseph’s University; MA in Sociology from Bryn Mawr College; MBA from University of Phoenix


Born in New York City and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Fun Fact:

I am a Sudoku freak! ☺

Q&A with Carmen Curbelo

What makes KIPP San Antonio unique?
What makes KIPP unique is that we help every single student achieve their full potential in a supportive environment. Most schools say that…we are the only school district that does it!

At work, how and what do you learn from those around you?
What I learn from those around me at work is how they approach the different challenges that the school presents every day. It gives me a perspective to understand that there is more than one correct solution to a problem, and that learning the way other people solve challenges enhances my ability to solve them together. I learn from those around me by always trying to be receptive, by listening, and by being open to understand and embrace new ideas.

To me, the commitment to help every student climb the mountain to and through college means…
It means that I should and will always give my best effort, no matter how demanding the day has been. It means that I will always try to walk the extra mile with and for students and parents. It means that I will be there to receive the students in the morning, rain or shine. It means that I will stretch to develop my skills to the maximum in order to be a better support for them.

My joy comes through…
My joy comes from the smiles of the students every day, from the gratitude expressed by parents when they witness how we help their children, and from the positive and close relationship I have developed with my team.

I love through…
I love through providing service to others. KIPP is all of us: students, parents, teachers, and staff. We all make KIPP a good place to work! KIPP is AWESOME!