Team and Family Profiles

Brittany Hill, Biology Teacher & Science Team Lead at KIPP University Prep


Howard University, B.S. Biology
Georgia State, Masters of Arts in Teaching - Secondary Science Education


Stockbridge, GA

Fun Fact:

I own a motorcycle that I ride occasionally.

Years Teaching:

5 years

Q&A with Brittany Hill

Team & Family is something KIPP San Antonio talks about a lot—what does Team & Family mean to you?

I will love you and hold you accountable. I will push your thinking, and you will grow from it. Team and Family means always looking out for one another and being unselfish in our giving. 

How is that playing out in your classroom?

In my classroom students work together to master the scientific content as a team at their tables. This allows them to push each other’s thinking and lean on each other when they are unsure about their knowledge. 

What is possible for your students? 

My students will be critical thinkers who are caring of each other and their environment. They will be responsible for other’s feelings and responsible stewards of our planet.

Collaboration is key for making teaching more effective and sustainable. How do you work with your UPrep Team & Family to help you reach toward the possibility for both yourself and your students?

My UPrep Team & Family pushes me with their excellence as human beings and teachers. If I ever have a question about an instructional practice or about life they are there to lean on.