How We Operate

Over the past decade, KIPP San Antonio has led the way in proving what is possible in San Antonio public education. Growing from one 5th grade class in 2003, we are on track to serve more than 9,000 K-12 students in 15 schools inside Loop 410. And our commitment to our students does not end with high school graduation. Our KIPP Through College team partners with every student who finishes 8th grade at a KIPP San Antonio school, regardless of where they attend high school, and provides personal and academic support on their journey to and through college.

Our Theory of Change

At the heart of our work is a vision of lifting up our city and bending its arc toward a future of opportunity for every family in San Antonio.

Great public schools and a college degree can dramatically alter the path of a family, interrupting the cycles of inter-generational poverty and introducing opportunities for upward mobility previously unavailable.

Through our theory of change, we have outlined a clear link between the future we want to see and the hard, daily work we will have to do to achieve it.

By Keeping Our Commitments

Underserved students

Outstanding educators

K-12 college-readiness aligned

KIPP Through College

Sustainable and scalable

We Create Measurable Outcomes

12,000+ students in K-12 and KTC each year

7,600 new high-quality seats in central SA

400 college graduates annually

2x increase in college grads from central SA

That Drive Citywide Impacts

Scale great schools Spur competition

Build a community

Empower parents

Teach students to become leaders

Creating the Future We Envision

Transform San Antonio and create opportunities for the highest-need families

How We Operate

Character counts

We focus on the non-cognitive characteristics that research shows are just as important to success in life as IQ: Grit, Optimism, Zest, Gratitude, Social Intelligence, Self-Control, and Curiosity. Learn more about KIPP’s commitment to character.

Extraordinary results demand extraordinary efforts

Our students attend school for longer each day and for more days each year. Our teachers go above and beyond to ensure our students exceed expectations.

Locally operated, nationally supported

Our membership in the national KIPP network (162 public charter schools serving 58,000 students) provides access to resources, knowledge sharing, and support while preserving our autonomy and ability to focus on the needs of San Antonio students.

Human capital is key

Teachers and leaders are the most important factor in a school’s success. For that reason, KIPP San Antonio invests heavily in building a career pathway that helps new teachers develop and identifies future school leaders.


KIPP Through College

Preparation for college is at the heart of KIPP San Antonio’s mission. KIPP Through College (KTC) is the most extensive public school-based college support program in the country. Our KIPP Through College program supports our students starting in Kindergarten and continuing through college graduation, providing targeted services and resources to help students succeed on their journeys to and through college. KTC supports all students who complete 8th grade at KIPP, regardless of where they attend high school.