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Veronica Martinez, Advocacy & Community Engagement Manager at KIPP San Antonio


University of California, Los Angeles - Bachelor of Arts in History and Women Studies
The University of Nevada, Las Vegas - Master in Education


Los Angeles, CA

Fun Fact:

I am a founding member of the community organizing group, San Antonio Rising in Solidarity for Equity (SA RISE).

Q&A with Veronica Martinez

What is advocacy and community engagement?

Advocacy and community engagement is all about building partnerships with parents and boosting their capacity to act in their child’s best interest.  We often hear that parents are a child’s first teacher, but it is also true that parents are a child’s first advocate.  Thus, it is critical that parents develop a deep understanding of their rights across various settings—from the classroom to the Capitol.

What is KIPP San Antonio Public Schools doing to support parents in advocating for their students?

We strive to provide multiple opportunities for parents to engage in advocacy.  We start by building their knowledge of child development by offering parenting classes at our campuses.  We also offer specialized trainings regarding their rights as parents within the school setting.  Finally, we offer trainings regarding the education system in Texas and build opportunities for parents to interact with elected officials.  For example, last year parents were invited to meet State Representative Diego Bernal (District 123) and directly share their concerns about education with him.  Their contributions helped Representative Bernal craft his understanding of public education in his district.

Why is this important?

Our students do not climb the mountain to and through college alone; their parents are climbing right along with them.  By empowering parents and elevating their voices, we are building an unstoppable unit.