Meet Our Staff

Rachel Obermeier, KIPP Poder Academy

Rachel Obermeier, KIPP Poder’s School Leader, is excited to open KIPP Poder Academy in August of 2015. In Spanish, “poder” means power and strength as well as “to be able.” Ms. Obermeier aspires to develop a reflective learning community in which the unique strengths and talents of all individuals are honored, and in which students are fully immersed in these messages: This is important. You can do it with hard work. I will not give up on you. We will help each other.

Ms. Obermeier joined KIPP San Antonio in 2008 as the 8th grade math teacher and math department chair. At KIPP Aspire Academy, she taught 8th grade math for three years and was the Assistant School Leader for three years. She has had the opportunity to grow as a leader through the KIPP School Leadership Program as a member of the 2011-2012 Principal Prep Cohort and the 2013-2014 Miles Family Fellow Cohort.

Prior to joining the team at KIPP San Antonio, Ms. Obermeier was a New York City Teaching Fellow, taught high school algebra and geometry in the Bronx, and was the Math and Science Partnership in NYC Teacher of the Year. Ms. Obermeier graduated from Princeton University, earned her Masters in Mathematics Education at the City College of New York and is currently pursuing a Masters in Educational Leadership at Trinity University.