Meet Our Staff

Lorraine Bernal, KIPP Un Mundo

Lorraine Bernal was previously an Assistant School Leader of Academics at KIPP Esperanza Dual Language Academy. Prior to joining the KIPP team, Lorraine started her career in education as a substitute teacher, but in her first year, she moved into a paraprofessional position in a behavior classroom. The following semester was hired as an 8th grade English teacher at Wheatley Middle School after graduating from UTSA with her Bachelor’s in English.

She taught ELA and coached volleyball, basketball, and track for three years at Wheatley. She then transferred to Burbank High School. While at Burbank she taught 9th, 11th grade ELA, AVID, and assisted in coaching the academic decathlon, which made it to state-level competition during the two years she assisted.

After graduating from Concordia University with her Master’s in Educational Leadership, Lorraine applied for a CIC (Campus Instructional Coordinator) at Rogers Elementary in order to learn the elementary curriculum. After a year at Rogers, she was hired as an assistant principal and was assigned to Woodlawn Elementary, where she worked for four years.

In 2014, she was hired as a principal and was assigned to Huppertz Elementary, where she proudly worked with her staff, students, and parents for three years.